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Electron Cash User Diagram
Electron Cash User Diagram


The software wallet Electron Cash is quite popular in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community. It brings many advantages for the customer with passion for storing, sending, and receiving BCH. In this essay, some of the most important benefits one gets from Electron Cash, regarding Bitcoin Cash, will be highlighted.

  • Security: – Electron Cash is heavily secured for your private keys. It has implemented a hierarchical deterministic (HD) structure where each user owns a seed that assists in regenerating private keys, even in cases of loss without access to one's wallet. Electron Cash even allows a user to encrypt their wallets with an added password. Easy to Use: Made with an ultra-simple interface, Electron Cash is intended to be user-friendly. The basic design elements are very clean and simple, so that even people not familiar with modern technology can use the wallet, leaving users moving from one feature or option to another.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Operations are faster and more efficient since Electron Cash runs on the Bitcoin Cash network. Electron Cash, in its most basic form, merely acts as an app to enable users to have ease of access with their BCH while allowing the same to be transferred with speed and efficiency.
  • Privacy: Electron Cash seriously keeps the privacy of its customers and their data personal. Using the software, customers can realize free transactions since their data is not collected and stored by this wallet provider. All this again is supported by the decentralized network, which allows peer-to-peer processing of transactions without the help of any intermediaries. See also: CashFusion, Reusable Payment Addresses
  • Accessibility: Electron Cash is open-source software, accessible from anywhere in the world. In other words, this application is accessible, or in fact virtually within reach, for any interested party from any location worldwide. It is also easily available on nearly all platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Decentralized: Electron Cash functions on a decentralized system whereby there is no third-party or central authority control of any kind. This grants its users more freedom to be exercised over their funds, thus securing that their transactions will be safe and private. Furthermore, this kind of network is prone to censorship because it is decentralized in nature.

This, in summary, is that Electron Cash offers many advantages to those who use it, to ensure a perfect home for the bulk holding of Bitcoin Cash and its possible transactions around. With the very best aspects to be secure, fast, efficient, user-friendly, available, and decentralized—Electron Cash is optimized so that it will manage the needs arriving from BCH users around the world.


Electron Cash
Electron Cash
  • Latest release: 4.4.0


Balance is not showing

  • Are you using the correct wallet type (EC or EC SLP) and network (mainnet, testnet, testnet4, scalenet)?

  • Are you using the latest version of Electron Cash?
  • Is your Electron Cash wallet connected and synchronized?
    • If the light is red or orange: change server (Tools->Network->Server)
    • If it is loading: wait for synchronization

  • Did you use the correct derivation path if you have imported a recovery seed?
  • Did you try: Wallet -> Scan for more addresses...?

I cannot import a private key

If your key is in hexadecimal format:

  • Go to cashaddress.org (move your mouse until it shows 100%)
  • Click on Wallet Details
  • Enter your private key
  • Click View Details
  • Now import the WIF compressed key (starts with a 'K' or 'L') from this page in Electron Cash or Electron Cash SLP

I cannot import my existing seed phrase

Electron Cash doesn't support importing a seed phrase into an existing wallet; instead, you must create a wallet with your seed phrase:

  • Click on File
  • Click on New/Restore
  • Set wallet file name & path
  • Click Next
  • Choose Standard Wallet
  • Choose I already have a seed

Error opening Electron-Cash-x.x.x-setup.exe file: "A referral was returned from the server"

Try the following:

Fix 1:

  • Hold the Windows Key and press "R".
  • Type "regedit", then press "Enter" to bring up the Registry Editor.
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ System.
  • Open "ValidateAdminCodeSignatures" and set "Value data" to "0"
  • Open "EnableUIADesktopToggle" and set the "Value data" to "0".

Fix 2:

  • Hold the Windows Key and press "R".
  • Type "gpedit.msc", then press "Enter" to bring up the Local Group Policy Editor.
  • Expand "Computer Configuration" > "Windows Settings" > "Security Settings" > "Local Policies" > "Security Options".
  • Change the "User Account Control: Only elevate executable that are signed and validated." policy to "Disabled".

The transaction was rejected because it is too large

Rejected transactions are disappointing, but it’s better than the alternative: having your transactions in limbo for weeks, or thinking that your transaction was accepted when it was not. A "the transaction was rejected because it is too large (in bytes)." error usually happens when you are probably trying to spend coins from a mining wallet or a coin faucet.

Bitcoin Cash transactions have a maximum size of 100KB, and you have created a transaction over that size. The solution is to break up the transactions into chunks under 100KB each.

To do this:

  • View -> "Show Coins." Click on the "Coins" tab.
  • Select about 500 inputs in the Coins Tab
  • Alt-click and select "Spend"
  • Click Preview and check the size.

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