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Electron Cash is robust yet secure software whose sole purpose is to manage funds of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). This software for the client and server empowers users with an easy and secure way to maintain a wallet with BCH. Having so many sophisticated security features, a user-friendly interface, and working under a decentralized system, an Electron Cash system works best for anyone looking out to manage his BCH funds. Whether you are an old-time crypto user or a beginner, sending and receiving BTCs, checking history of transactions, and much more have been simplified using Electron Cash. If you're interested in exploring more than other wallets can do for you and you're trying to achieve something simple but with advanced features, Electron Cash is perfect for that.


This is a Wiki about Electron Cash, a Bitcoin Cash SPV wallet. There are articles about the client and server software. Feel free to sign up and contribute.

Always download Electron Cash (and other cryptocurrency software) from the official website (linked below)

Client Software

Server Software

Server articles

Client articles

Other articles


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Electron Cash, Fulcrum, and CashFusion merchandise is available on the Electron Cash Merchandise Store.

Donation address

  • bitcoincash:qp3vjha97nq7knl9za3eudfezskfkszlzgaymd0gsx