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CashTokens represents the new horizon in the field of digital money — a forerunner to the benchmark laid by the Bitcoin Cash network. It is this very pool of digital assets that has integrated novelty with efficiency and forms a strong base to host a wide variety of applications and services over a blockchain-based structure.

Core Features[edit]

Reliably Low Fees Transaction fees for CashTokens will be very low, making it one of the characteristics of the tokens. CashTokens will be based on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, which has the largest capacity and scalability requirements of its peers. Transactions using CashTokens are not only cost-sensitive in nature, generally with fees at fractions of cents, but they are very fast and therefore give high throughput even at peak network times. This is efficient because the parallel validation of transactions is effective when handling full-scale networks with a huge lot of transactions without compromising either speed or cost.

Widespread Compatibility[edit]

CashTokens are an inseparable part of the Bitcoin Cash Network, built into an international, borderless, decentralized blockchain. This promises that CashTokens obtain the widest compatibility in use inside many wallets, services, businesses, tools, and protocols.

As the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem continues to grow, the outreach and utility of CashTokens will grow as well, and they will increasingly be adopted in many more applications and services based on blockchains.

Decentralized Applications (DApps)[edit]

The introduction of CashTokens opens so many new opportunities within the blockchain for developers. CashTokens may be considered a fundamental aspect of on-chain decentralized application development (DApp) implementation. The flexibility and efficiency that CashTokens provide therefore are well suited to allow for all kinds of DApps to be developed, including:

  • Crowdfunding systems: CashTokens provides a method of building a very fair, effective, and robust crowdfunding system that enables people and organizations to get support and investment from various projects directly using the blockchain. Trading protocols will thus allow developers to create highly advanced trading protocols right in the blockchain, creating a decentralized and secure environment for users to swap their assets.
  • Inherent in the DEX protocol: CashTokens are intrinsic to the protocol that lies beneath and permits the transference of peer-to-peer digital assets without a central authority.
  • Cross-chain bridges: This will ease the ability to build bridges between the blockchain networks, across assets, which would enable easy transfer and full interoperability of assets between the two chains.

CashTokens in Electron Cash[edit]

CashTokens are supported in Electron Cash 4.3.0 and later on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

The CashTokens menu option is:

  • Tools -> Create CashToken...

There are also context menu options:

  • Create Token...
  • Send Token...

There are two tabs in Electron Cash for CashTokens:


A token address starts with the letter z instead of a q. Here is an example:


More information[edit]