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Background: Until now, Bitcoin Cash addresses consisted of long strings of letters and numbers. That did ensure security and uniqueness, but on the other hand, they were quite inconvenient for remembering and sharing, sometimes discouraging new users, and involved the risk of errors while transacting. The Bitcoin Cash community was aware of that difficulty and was in search of a solution that could keep them safe and at the same time improve the use of digital wallets.

What are Cash Accounts?[edit]

Cash Accounts is a naming system for Bitcoin Cash wallets, where the standard cryptographic addresses are replaced with simple, humanly readable names. In other words, it can be used to send or receive Bitcoin Cash very simply with names that can be memorized and communicated.

Cash Account Features[edit]

  • Human-Readable Names: The users get to choose a human-readable account name, which helps in easy transacting without the fear of mistakenly typing something or forgetting the name of the account to which one was transacting.
  • On-chain: directly registered to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, each name of the Cash Account is unique and is immutably linked to one specific wallet address.
  • Decentralization and security: It maintains the aspect of decentralized and secured in such a way that the blockchain has, in the absence of a unifying organization to control the name.

How does the Cash Account work?[edit]

Upon registration, he will only register his chosen name on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, which will be attached to his address. The registration process consists of a small blockchain transaction with the name embedded in some specific transaction outputs.

Looking up: Sending Bitcoin Cash to a Cash Account involves the sender simply looking up the recipient's registered name, which will resolve to the corresponding wallet address on the blockchain. Once this lookup is successful, this will then enable the sender to go ahead and execute the transaction by that time using the name of the recipient's cash account, hence reducing possible errors by circumventing the streamlining of the process.

Cash Accounts[edit]

  • Usability: Cash Accounts have a usability level that is way too high, taking it a step ahead of the readable and memorable addresses. This accounts for a much lesser entry barrier from the users' perspective and increased usability of the product.
  • Minimized Errors: Very minimal likelihood of committing a typing or copying error of such long, alphanumeric addresses.
  • Encourages Adoption: It is perhaps the idea that it permits the transactions to happen much more easily, therefore, might push for them to consider using Bitcoin Cash in preference when conducting business with cryptocurrency.

Wallet Support[edit]

You can find a list of supported wallets on

Cash Accounts in Electron Cash[edit]

Electron Cash provides the following menu options for Cash Accounts:

If you create a Cash Account it will also be added to the Contacts Tab.


A Cash Account consists of a string a '#' as a separator, a number, a ';' and an emoji.

Here is an example of a Cash Account:

GeorgEngelmann#119777; 🐈