Reusable Payment Addresses

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Reusable Payment Addresses (RPA) in cryptocurrencies refer to having one address shared with the public. However, when payments are sent to this address from subsequent transactions, the underlying technology gives out another unique, one-time address for the transaction. This makes the work much easier for users to receive money, thereby improving privacy and security in the way that actual balances and full histories of transactions wouldn't need to be exposed to the public.

Imagine this one email as the main address receiving all your various emails, but every time a mail is sent to you, it goes to a specific one-time inbox linked to your main email address. This way, you will be able to use your main email address when sharing with the whole world, but yet at the same time, the details of your emails that are received into it are private and related to you alone by way of the main email address.


The technical specification of Reusable Payment Addresses for BCH can be found on GitHub:


  • Client-side support: Electron Cash version 4.4.0 for Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Server-side support: Fulcrum 1.10.0

Address format[edit]

The payment information looks like this: